Artist Diploma : Takumi Nozawa

Les dates

  • Music Chapel, Studio Haas Teichen
    1410 Waterloo
    Brabant Wallon


Shuichi Okada, violin

Amia Janicki, violin

Takumi Nozawa, viola

NN, cello

Kojiro Okada, piano

D. Milhaud: Four Visages, op. 238 (for viola and piano)

T. Takemitsu: A bird came down the walk

T. Takemitsu: Songs

I. Sayounara(Good bye)

II. In a small room

III. A song of circle and triangle

IV. All that the man left behind when he died

V. Meguriai

VI. Small sky

C. Debussy: String Quartet in G Minor, op. 10

J.Kosma: Les feuilles mortes (String quartet, arr. T. Takemitsu)

T. Takemitsu: A string around autumn

T. Narita: Hamabe no uta

Musique Classique