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The all-female steam punk metal band FATE GEAR is heading over from Japan and ready to conquer their 4th European Tour.

With founding member Captain Mina at the helm, this band is well on its way to international success; playing stages all over

the world and stealing hearts of metal fans along the way. Back in 2007, Mina was the founding member of DESTROSE, one of

the initiators of the all-female metal band boom. DESTROSE paved the path for bands such as Babymetal and Lovebites. Starting

out in 2015, Mina was determined to create a band with a unique persona and a heavy sound that resonates with the outstanding

steampunk theme. FG is a unique band concept worldwide reaching Fans from The Metal, Gothic, SteamPunk and JRock scene.

She found her allies in demon drummer Haruka, master shredder keayboardist Kurosaki, headbanger bassist

Erika and Nana with her insane death vocals, clean vocals, screams and growls. FATE GEAR’s career really took off when their song

Megabullets was featured in the Netflix Anime ‘Kengan Ashura’. Music videos has reached over 1 million views on YouTube.

The production exceeded anything FATE GEAR had ever done before. FATE GEAR is more than a band, it’s a fashion statement,

a story and a world view. After three successful tours in Europe and many shows in Asia, fans have gotten a taste of this sensational

metal band. Will you join in their adventure?