Dordeduh (Ro) + Ethereal Darkness + Palach

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After they left Negura Bunget, core members and main song writers Hupogrammos and Sol Faur founded Dordeduh. This name combines the word ‘Dor' (the yearning for something; the lack of something) with the term for spirit ‘Duh' – according to the musicians, this amalgamation represents the struggle to express those meaningful values that make us human by uniting the soul and the spirit. Music-wise, Dordeduh follow the path of Negura Bunget, but they also open up new perspectives by experimenting with a fresh approach to Black Metal and the use of traditional instruments.

Ethereal Darkness is an atmospheric Melodic Death Metal band from Brussels with Black and Doom Metal influences. The music focuses on the dark side of life and the eternal relationship between life and death, loss and love.

Palach is a recent project from Liège (Belgium) by 4 members. They started together in April 2021, with a very specific style made up with sludge metal and doom, completed by a small touch of psychedelic and hardcore metal.